In June 2022, Microsoft will eventually bring down Internet Explorer

By the August, Microsoft 365 and other applications will stop operating on the browser. Internet explorer has been the most oldest surfing platform. Majority of us (in the internet-age) had an experience of browsing on Internet Explorer once in their lifetime.

It was due for a long time and now it is finally happening. Internet Explorer will be phased out. On June 15, 2022, Microsoft will stop supporting the Internet Explorer 11 web software on many versions of Windows 10. The Windows 10 Long-term Servicing Channel, that is required for systems that do not change with time, including MRI machines and air traffic control systems, will be unaffected by the upgrade. Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop programs and the MSHTML (Trident) software will not be affected by the removal. But, for the maximum parts, Internet Explorer will be discontinued in a bit more than 13 months.

For more than the one-third of century, Internet Explorer has really been a staple of the Windows ecosystem. However, since the release of Edge in 2015, Microsoft has been gradually depleting out the old browser. In 2016, it stopped supporting earlier versions. On August 17th, Microsoft 365 and other applications will quit supporting Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft has encouraged users using Internet Explorer 11 to shift to another browser or Microsoft Edge before the removal of Internet explorer that is planned in June. Microsoft has already started warning users before they face any difficulty in browsing services. For websites that still require Internet Explorer, Edge provides an installed feature. Many businesses still use outdated software and websites that aren't compatible with latest browsers, so that feature would be useful.

Microsoft has stated that Edge's Internet Explorer feature will be enabled at least by the end of 2029, allowing organizations and IT departments plenty of time to shift from older versions to the upgraded ones. It’s a high time to move from one of those old apps to the new versions and set a new experience.

The Microsoft Edge browsing mode is all set to cater those who cannot move to the latest version of browser. Perhaps one Edge's more unique characteristics, the capacity to instantly saved and reopen a window full of tabs, is also changing for better. These pages can be shared and protected by using Collections. One can also generate a new word document or build Excel spreadsheet.

Image Credits: Bloomberg / Getty Images
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