The Account Verification program has been kept on hold by Twitter after they received a large number of requests, still waiting to get processed

Twitter is a popular microblogging platform through which people can discuss their views or share news with others, however if a news is being posted from a verified user, than it has more chances of getting reach and to be retweeted because any tweet from a verified account is considered to be more authentic (though that's not the case always).

For a account to reach the verified status, the user needs to submit a verification request from settings, this request undergoes a complete review process and once the account is found to possess all the requirements, it gets a blue badge. However, currently according to the tweet posted by the official Twitter page, the platform has halted the verification program and will not be receiving any new request for a small period of time.

The tweet was posted on 29th May, and cleared that the above mentioned step has been taken due to a large number of unprocessed requests they received after resuming the verification program which they had paused back in 2017 due to the misleading of the blue badge. The blue badge was considered to be a symbol of gift by the company to some users who were referred as white supremacists.

To prevent this from happening again, the company has made it clear that for a account to get verified, it needs to be active by showing its presence by tweeting authentic tweets only without causing any controversy. And lastly, the account should be notable on the platform. If this criteria is being fulfilled then only it will receive the blue badge status as compared to back in 2017, where the criteria for getting a blue badge was just to prove that the account is being run by the person on whose name it was created .

The tweet did say that the verification program will resume soon but still it is not clear that how much possible time could be taken by the company before it starts receiving requests once again.

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