Creators in the US, Canada, France, and UK can also earn money by putting ads on Instagram Reels content

The Reels of Instagram quickly became popular after it first introduced the Reel content in Brazil as Cenas last year. Many people became excited to watch more such kinds of videos. Instagram took the idea of TikTok to introduce a short-form video of almost 15 seconds in which creators can show their quality and exciting content and can grab more audience. As the platform already has more than 1 billion active monthly users, and the platform use the ads almost in all parts of its app including IGTV, and other videos, and a few months ago it tested the ads for the first time in some countries including India, Brazil, and Germany. Now, the platform is also giving the opportunity to more regions to take the benefits of Reels ads on their content.

Now, the creators of the UK, Canada, and the US can earn a handsome amount by putting ads on their Reels content, and it is an ideal time during the pandemic situation where the people can earn money by sitting at home. Instagram has said that it has introduced a similar type of ads on Reels content as you can see in your stories, but you can also save and share the ads that you have watched on Reels content. The content creator who is sponsored by the marketers can put the tag under the profile to show that this specific Reel is presenting the paid promotion.

Instagram is trying to build a strong environment of this Reels content and it can also give tough competition to its rival TikTok. Now the creators will put more effort into the Reels content because they now know that they can earn a good amount by putting ads on their content and it will give more opportunity to the platform also to make this option more famous. After the successful launch of ads on Reels, Instagram will further plan to introduce ads on Reels in more regions of the world. The platform has not published any data about how many people use Reels, but it is obvious that this option has gained much popularity especially in India when TikTok got banned.

Facebook is also trying to shift the users from TikTok to Instagram by introduction of exciting features and options. Creators will obviously present the quality content in Reels after they know that they will get paid for their efforts. The platform will also help the users to report the ad if they have any problem with a particular ad. If the users watching ads on Reels provide feedback to the platform, that will help Instagram to understand the success of its latest launch.

H/T: AdWeek.

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