Google Taking Advancing Steps Towards a More Promising Experience for Ecommerce Businesses Through Its Platform

The eCommerce industry has seen a massive positive growth response in the past few years and specially in the times of the pandemic, there has been a great increase in online shopping. Big names like Google realize the impact and usefulness ecommerce and online shopping holds in people’s lives and hence they have been working towards tools that will help facilitate better tools for such ecommerce businesses on their platform.

The improvements in tools for ecommerce on Google sounds like a good development for online business that are affiliated through the web because Google is the first place and the best known search engine on which people search and discover ecommerce results for products. So if you are a business who wants to make sure that their names are appearing on the top of the search bars you need to understand and make use of these great new ecommerce tools that the tech giant is introducing.

The company at the start of this month, introduced a feature to streamline the Google Shopping connection through their new shopping integration system and now the company is taking another big step where they have partner shipped with new parties like WooCommerce, GoDaddy and Square which will be making an appearance on the platforms ecommerce integration very soon. This collaboration of these platforms will make it easier for these ecommerce platforms to appear on Google Shopping Listings and also connect their products directly through the searches on various platforms like Maps and YouTube etc.

Another really cool feature the company has launched is the use of AR to select the best products for you. Augmented reality Try On have been on YouTube since 2019 and now Google is introducing it on its platform to bring an ease in for users in product discovery online. This means that while through Google AR Try On Users were able select Make Up products by trying them on their face images before buying them, things are advancing with company planning on introducing full virtual try on through ecommerce and IRL merges for shopping experiences similar to what Snapchat had done with its footwear try on tools and advancing Body Tracking Lenses both of which facilitate full body try on.

The new AR displays will be available in various Google discovery surfaces very soon.

The tech giant has brought about some amazing features and though the features will take some time before they are officially released it is exciting to think about how Google will incorporate these features into other platforms. The tech giant has never disappointed and we are sure it will not this time as well.

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