Facebook Launches Some Really Cool New Features for Messenger and Instagram

Facebook has a couple of applications under its umbrella and the company makes sure to do justice to every single one them by introducing new tools and features and bringing about new updates. The tech giant has a huge following and it understands that people rely on its resources for a variety of purposes online and therefore makes sure to work hard in their maintenance.

Recently, news has popped in that Facebook in introducing several new features for two of its main applications, precisely known as Instagram and Messenger. While the list of new features is a little long one of the main features among them has to be the new addition of the seen states on Instagram. This new feature allows user to check the progress of their messages that whether or not the person you have sent the message has viewed your text or not by just taking a look at your DM inbox.

The next very useful feature is coming in Messenger where users will now have the ease to archive chats by just a swipe. Previously in order to archive you had to tap on a few options but now the company gives you the accessibility to just swipe left to archive your chat box. At the same time, Facebook has made it easier for you to search your archived chat. Now you can find your archive chats in a menu item which you can access by tapping on your profile photo unlike before where you had to search the name of the person to make their chat re appear.

The next feature the tech giant will be introducing is inspired by the new talk of town application called Clubhouse. Facebook will now allow users on Messenger to just tap on the record button once to record a voice memo instead of keeping it pressed until you end the audio like you used to do previously. Currently this option is available for Messenger only but will soon make its way through Instagram. However, while you wait for this feature to appear on Instagram you can use the new feature that is appearing on Instagram currently.

The tech giant has allowed users on Instagram to reply to photos and videos with their own images and clips. Replying to a video or photos with your own clips means that users can swipe on a message and reply to it by highlighting the message letting the person you are talking to know which message you are replying to. This feature is currently available for iOS but will soon make its way on Android.

Apart from this, new camera stickers celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Facebook has also added new chat themes for both Messenger and Instagram. The first theme is for all the Star Wars fans while the other one is in accordance with the second season of Netflix's Selena Quintanilla biopic. Both feature light and dark themes, and you switch over to them by digging into your chat settings.

All these features look amazing and if they have hit your screens already, good for you. If not, try updating your apps.

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