SocialBakers’ Q1 2021 Report provides key insights into the state of social media

Socialbakers' Q1 2021 Social Media and Customer Experience Trends Report takes an in-depth look at the increasing value of customer interactions, as well as the data in paid, natural, and influencer engagement that companies need to know in order to produce stellar CX in 2021.

The impact of social media on the pre and post-purchase consumer journey, as well as the importance of intuition in minimizing the CX gap, are among the report's insights. The Socialbakers data also shows a 60 percent rise in digital ad expenditure year over year, as well as geographic and industry-specific ad reach and CPC breakdowns. The study also discusses changes in marketing strategies, such as the use of ads and what sort of influencers have improved their connections over the previous year.

Providing excellent CX has never been this much essential. This report presents marketers with the information and data they need to take action that will favor their customers and help them accomplish their goals of focusing on the customer first. During the year 2020, the global dependence on digital marketing to target audiences at home grew, and it is expected to continue growing this year.

Marketers invested 60% mostly on Facebook and Instagram ads in first three months of 2021 than they did in 2020. Ad spend has been continuously increasing, 59 percent year over year in North America, 44 percent in Western Europe, and 68 percent in Latin America.

Empathizing the customer need is also critical in providing the interactions they want on digital platforms like social media. Empathy can be facilitated in large part by social media. Listening to social media and monitoring feelings on particular issues can provide crucial information to aid empathy attempts. Simultaneously, the ability to instantly (or automatically) resolve problems and queries raised on social media in order to provide prompt responses will be critical in fostering constructive CX through social media.

SocialBaker analysis reveals that global media posts on Instagram without hashtags gained nearly twice as many average encounters as posts with hashtags. On examining global brand profiles, it was found out that posts with 1-2 hashtags outperformed posts contained 4-5 hashtags. Both the scenarios lead to conclusion that using too much hashtags is not a good strategy. In order to achieve more momentum, social media marketers should stop using needless hashtags, as research suggests that it doesn't work.

Take a look at below charts for some more insights:   
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