Google’s software engineer referred iOS browser as “Uniquely Underpowered” for holding back the Web

The war between Epic Games, an American soft developer and video game publisher, and the tech giant Apple has officially begun in the court as the case initiated. Out of all the key arguments that were being presented by Apple, one of them was that the developers have an option available through which they can distribute their application for iOS via the web ,however an engineer from the major browsing and tech giant, Google criticized Apple and said things against the Apple’s practices on website and called out the iOS browsers to be uniquely underpowered.

Along with other operating systems, the web also came down a long way mostly from the HTML static sites. But now a web app can also let the user do anything they want to either it is streaming video or picture editing, which is really amazing to see. No matter what the user is doing, everything gets back to the browser and the browsing engine. A few browsing engines are out there including Google Chrome’s Chromium however the main center of argument raised by the engineer was the issues with Apple’s Webkit.

Apple’s iOS platform seeks every available browser to run on its Webkit. Not even the Google Chrome is allowed to run independently on iOS devices. This is why Alex Russell, a software engineer at Google available on the Google Chrome’s team said regarding the proposition offered by Apple. He said that the developers can look towards web if they are not happy with the policies made my the App Store. In his post, Russell referred iOS browsers and Webkit as uniquely underpowered in comparison to other browsers available. He said that these consistent delays in delivering important features ensure that the web will never be any credible alternative to its owned App Store and tools.

Taking out an example similar to this situation, Russell talked about Stadia as well as other gaming cloud products that were denied to have their services get an access to the App Store and forced them to look towards the web instead. This required Apple to give access to gamepad APIs so the controllers can be used by the new web applications. This function, that was offered by other browsers almost everywhere other than iOS because Apple held it back. It is believed that if Apple wouldn’t have held it back the gaming revolution that is taking place now could have happened sooner. It is a possibility that Google Stadia, Amazon Luna , NVIDIA Ge Force NOW and Microsoft xCloud could made this years before.

Other places were also highlighted by Russell in his posts, these were the places where iOS browsers were found to be uniquely underpowered. Including the standardized Progressive Web App (PWA) install buttons, lack of push notifications and many other tools that enables the developer to make more functional web applications similarly the access to some of the hardware components including NFC, USB and Bluetooth also restricts the web developers very severely.

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