New Zoom Feature Condenses Meetings into Important Highlights

Zoom has really changed the way that employees of a certain organization end up interacting with one another, and this is something that has resulted in a situation wherein each new feature Zoom ends up releasing ends up having a pretty enormous impact on how members of these organizations stay up to speed. One new Zoom feature that is now being released might make it a bit easier for people to know what went on in a meeting as long as it was recorded, and the exciting thing about this new feature is that it involves the use of AI.

The feature essentially makes it so that when a meeting is recorded, the important parts of that meeting would end up getting highlighted. This would make it so that anyone who missed something during the meeting or missed the whole meeting entirely would at least get some kind of a summary that might help them better understand what went on. Bear in mind that you will only get these summaries and highlights if you toggle the audio transcription feature in zoom on, otherwise there would be no details that Zoom can show to people.

Now, AI is obviously not going to be perfect at figuring out what truly matters during a meeting that is being held, so it is understandable that Zoom allows users to adjust the highlights according to what truly matters. This human oversight can help optimize the highlights that are shown to various participants in a meeting after the fact, and it cements this feature as something that would likely become a very popular part of Zoom’s overall list of features. The performance of the AI will need to meet a certain standard, though, otherwise many users might avoid using the feature entirely which would make the implementation of this new feature an exercise in futility for Zoom.

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