Zoom Expands Live Event Marketplace to Facilitate Conferences

Zoom has truly been one of the major success stories to have finally come out of the pandemic, and this has resulted in the company finding a great deal of profitability through the expansion of its features. The company launched an events marketplace that enabled people to get access to tickets to live events that would then end up getting streamed on the platform in question. This marketplace was called OnZoom and it basically catered mostly to small businesses and the like which had become a new demographic that had started taking an interest in Zoom.

Zoom is now going to be rebranding OnZoom and adding a few new features into the mix including the ability to facilitate events that last a few days as well chat interfacing which is the sort of thing that can really help people who want to be able to interact with one another while taking part in a live stream or call. This is the sort of thing that caters more to Zoom’s original clientele that it used to serve before the pandemic came about, namely big companies and corporations and the like.

This can be useful for larger companies that want to host a conference during a situation wherein the pandemic is making it impossible for people to travel or congregate with putting a large number of people at risk. Zoom is now one of a select few companies that have found success in this space, and this might help the company grow even further though its renewed focus on larger clients might make it lose some of the traction it has gained with smaller enterprises. Zoom seems to be attempting to expand quite quickly now, and the success of this rebranded online marketplace for events could be rather crucial to the plans it would want to implement in the future.

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