Twitter CEO Ned Segal strongly emphasize the importance of e-commerce for the platform

Among the major social media platforms, Twitter is the one who stressed enough on the importance of e-commerce and is already devising up plans for the future. In a recent development, Ned Segal stated in an interview that e-commerce is becoming more and more essential as the company is expanding its advertising strategies.

Selling and purchasing over the internet is driving a bigger scope for advertising agencies. Similarly, platforms like Twitter are also focusing on e-commerce, as said by Ned Segal at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Online Meeting that people must be able to purchase things on Twitter. He strongly emphasized on the value of the fact that individuals research extensively on Twitter prior making any decision to purchase.

According to the CEO, Twitter serves as a platform where users get to know about the products from expert reviews. People tend to post the reviews on Twitter regarding products like footwear, phones, devices, and more. While discussing important occasions like the Super Bowl, users sometimes make on the spot selections for purchasing items. Some chats inclined them to get hands on things that received good reviews.

Ned Segal further added that through e-commerce many marketers got a chance to interact with experienced and fresh advertisers and communicate with the targeted customers. Thus, it is a crucial factor for big platforms that will surely going to help them in the future.

While disclosing a bit about the future strategies, Twitter revealed that they are currently trying updated tweet format with shop options. Something innovative is coming out soon. However, the operating system of these e-commerce tools has not yet been announced by Twitter. Decisions are being made on how much share Twitter will be getting from the purchases. Segal claimed that the companies are open-heartedly invited to start their business using Twitter as a medium.

He tried to explain to the media that Twitter will only serve the function of a medium, they will not interfere in the dealings between advertisers and their customers. The platform is assisting marketers to develop interactive relationship with their audience. This idea of introducing e-commerce tools can either break or make advertisers successful. Marketers should consider Twitter as their collaborator not a competitor.

Lately, Twitter came up with strategies to focus on e-commerce whereas, Facebook debuted the Facebook shop and Instagram shop feature in 2020 where advertisers can publicize their products. On the other hand, Snapchat revealed numerous new tools that enable users to do the trial visually before purchasing via AR technology.

Such a strong approach towards e-commerce was because of the privacy changes that have been done recently. Like Apple's iOS 14.5 version won’t allow advertisers to track the results of their ads. It is convenient for advertisers to use social media platforms as it will allow them to evaluate the sales directly from the app.

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