Facebook reveals details about updated Misinformation Detection and Removal technology

As a consequence of Cambridge Analytica scandal and elections propaganda in the United States, Facebook has put forward its new in-depth study. Facebook has worked in the past and made improvisations in its strategies to unveil those who spread misleading information and uncovering organization that tend to exploit its audience for their use.

Facebook presented the report as Threat Report on Influence Activities which covers the social network’s effort in this regard to uncover all influencers activities as well as the depth of the measures it has taken to combat misleading players. The entire report contains deeper details of these efforts indicating their target audiences and how they've changed throughout time.

The stats show that these tactics are growing and keep themselves confined as they try to interfere in the internal affairs using Facebook and Instagram. In 2017, these groups were all busy in focusing on international campaign which will give them a better perspective of how they can exploit Facebook for their purpose.

As long as countries were concerned, Russia has been on top for initiating misleading operations as per Facebook’s report. Internet Research Agency owned by Russia has been in contact with malicious groups on different platforms including Facebook. It is surprisingly leading in training groups about how they can exploit social media platforms to spread misinformation.

Nobody knows how influential IRA have been in such operations but according to some study their attempt had minimal influence on the groups. Important to mention that IRA is working hard to test their capabilities and understanding how social media campaigns linked with internal politics can help them interfere deep inside.

Facebook has been trying harder to spread awareness about digital literacy education to protect the nation like Africa who are now obtaining Internet connections. In this regard, several countries have raised question about the availability of Facebook to the people of smaller nation as people have seen Facebook being controversial in other places.

Facebook has also worked on its detective tools and many groups have resorted to smaller local operations that barely use resources and target audience on small scale. Facebook also claimed that these groups in fear of getting detected are escaping to other major platforms.

These malicious people keeps on attempting to avoid surveillance by any platform. To do so, they have also attacked local blogs to approach public places that are not protected by any detection system.

Facebook’s recent report provide a better overview on how they are continuously improving their surveillance system and these groups on the other hands are making efforts to escape them. Facebook must continue to enhance its strategies and overcome these groups wherever they are.

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