LinkedIn's new report highlights the global state of sales market and how the buyers and sellers are changing their approaches as a result of COVID-19

The pandemic situation has adversely affected the economy across the world. Recently, LinkedIn has shared its 2021 “state of sales” report which shows how the sellers and buyers across the world are adjusting their policies as a result of the COVID-19. This survey report is based on the replies of more than 400 buyers and 400 sellers in each region including North America, Asia, France, Germany, Asia Pacific, Mexico, and the UK. LinkedIn has said that it will also publish the report of other regions soon and people can download this report from email sign-up if they want to see the effects of these strategies on their markets.

These are some of the key facts and figures for the markets of North American region. LinkedIn has found that there are 7 main trends that can shape the future of sales, and that also mirrors the substantial market shift as a result of COVID-19. The basic focus and first trend is remote working because it is better both for buyer and seller to purchase and sell online. And secondly, the organizations of sales need to adjust to a remote working trend. The third trend is sales organizations are preventing sellers to put buyers first. The technology of sales offers the key trail to build trust, and the data during the pandemic situation have become more important for the sales organizations. Buyers and sellers are increasing their use of LinkedIn.

The vaccines of COVID-19 are now available in many regions, still many people want to work from home because according to them, remote working can increase their efficiency, which changes the game in terms of highest sales performance. According to this report, 70% of the buyers want to continue work from home half or more of the time in the future. But the remote working brings more challenges as 67% of the sales managers are having more difficulties in increasing their efficiency while working with remote teams. Therefore, more businesses want the return of office work but it can create a conflict because more employees are in favor of remote working.

Remote working can create new challenges like training, the development in the process, and the reassessment of the organization. The report of LinkedIn has also highlighted some crucial notes for those organizations who want to make their sales process better and this could have a major influence on their strategies

This report also noted the major behaviors of sellers that can be deals killers, such as, providing fake information about the quality and price of a product, sellers if do not understand the goals of the organization and their own products and services, they cannot make a deal if they do not have the information of their competitors, and if they are calling and emailing the buyers again and again.

These are valuable notes and the sellers must understand the responses to get a good understanding of the marketplace. The report has also outlined the key focus of the sellers is LinkedIn. About 74% of the sellers want to expand their network on LinkedIn during this year. About 51% of sellers want to publish more articles about their products on LinkedIn to attract more buyers. 36% of the sellers say that they will publish the content of their company on this platform and about 34% of the sellers say that they are interacting with many more content on this platform.

LinkedIn is suggesting the sellers complete their profile on the platform to have the better engagement of the buyers and it can also increase their sales more than doubled, and it can also increase up to 87% of the acceptance rates of their emails.

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