Leaks suggest Twitter might be working on Facebook-inspired reactions feature

The biggest social site ‘Facebook’ previously only had the option to like a post made by any user by pressing Facebook’s infamous like button. This changed in early 2016 when Facebook launched a whole new set of reactions that users can give onto each other’s post. The reactions gained a lot a popularity right after they were launched. Recently a news leak by Twitter researcher Jane Manchun Wong suggest that Twitter is also planning a whole new set of reactions on their tweets alongside its current heart shaped button that users can press to like a post.

According to a lot of predictions Twitter may include a set of reactions that are slightly serious and different to that of Facebook as Twitter is a platform that has much serious content and users in comparison to Facebook which is used to post all kinds of content. Twitter might use a ‘laughing’ and ‘sad’ emoji react which is similar to Facebook. Apart from that Twitter will also include reactions like a ‘makes you think’ emoji reaction and a ‘cheer’ react which users might use to react to a news or tweet that makes them happy. However, twitter will certainly not include Facebook’s angry reaction as Twitter already has a whole lot of heated conversations and the emotion of anger is usually shown towards tweets without the need of a reaction emoji.

A few months back Twitter conducted a survey in which they asked users to about the addition of reactions to tweets which further confirms this news and we may soon see reactions on twitter. When asked about the reactions Twitter said that they are always exploring new ways to help their users express their emotions.

With increased competition in between social platforms, social apps are now copying each other’s feature and enhancing their user experience so that users don’t leave their platform. Twitter is also working on a lot of interesting projects to make its platform better for its users, twitter recently announced its new feature called spaces which allows users to conduct live audio sessions apart from that twitter has also launched a super follower feature which will allow its users to pay their favorite creator for extra content and also make a great source of income creator making them earn money from the platform thus stopping them from leaving the platform. Twitter’s new and interesting updates will surely make users love the platform even more.

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