Users started to doubt the bug in the newest version of Microsoft Edge, pop ups keep on insisting users to switch from Google Search To Bing

Windows is the operating system that most people choose for their laptops and personal computers. The Microsoft Windows is loved by many, around 1.3 billion people prefer to use Windows over other alternatives. With a lot of internet browsers Microsoft also felt the need to release its own and released the ‘Microsoft Edge’, the browser is loved by many users for its fast speed and especially its low memory consumption. Since its release in 2020, the browser has seen a lot of updates in order to make it better and faster so that it stands out in front of its competitors.

Microsoft recently released a new and improved version of Microsoft Edge, however with the new update came an unexpected bug. Upon opening the browser users started getting a pop up message which requested users to go to the browser’s setting and select Bing for their default search engine, Bing is another one of Microsoft’s product. Users are now repeatedly getting the pop up message each time they open up the Microsoft edge browser. However, this pop up bug only occurs on Windows 10 and not on other versions of the operating system.

While this repetitive pop up request to make Bing your default browser looks like a development mistake but certain groups on the Reddit forum are having discussions about this bug and people are saying that this bug isn’t really a bug but is intentionally programmed like this. The reason behind people thinking that the bug is intentional is that Microsoft owns both the Edge browser and Bing. People think that Microsoft wanted to make people use Bing, which is why they intentionally programmed this bug (or you can call it ad) on Microsoft Edge latest update.

While seeing the increased conversations on the platform, a Microsoft community manager jumped into the conversation on the Reddit community, the community manager assured people that this problem really is a bug and not something intentionally done by Microsoft. She shared that Microsoft is currently working to find the reason behind this problem and more information about this bug from users would surely help them. Microsoft will release a patch that will fix this problem and the pop up message will stop bothering users. Until Microsoft releases the patch note that fixes this problem, the best thing for users to do is to close the pop up whenever it opens and continue with their work.

H/T: Reddit.

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