Google has Started Showing the "People Also Ask" Box More Frequently, Reports Reveal

It has been reported that the “people also ask” box has become more noticeable on Google's Search engine results pages (SERP) as of late. Data from Semrush and RankRanger shows that there has been a considerable bump in the frequency Google displays the said box while showing the results of a particular user query.

For those of you unaware, the “People Also Ask” or PAA box appears on SERP and boasts answers to questions relevant to the search query.

Coming back to the increasing occurrence of the section in question, Semrush’s data shows that the frequency witnessed a 5% bump (59.1% to 64.1%).

On the other hand, RankRager’s data shows that the increase was 2.1% (64% to 66.1%).

All in all, it can be said that Google hasn’t pushed any boundaries (so far) but a difference of a handful of percentage points is a change worth reporting on.

Additionally, this bump caught Brodie Clark’s attention and he took to Twitter to write about “the uptick” of the PAA box on the search results page. He noted that the bump is, for now, noticeable on the desktop version of Google.

As tweeted by Brodie, this change could prove to be helpful when it comes to content creation. After all, related questions can vastly increase a user’s knowledge about the subject they are working on.

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