Instagram to Boost Video Based Content With A Unified Video Tab

Facebook has been using Instagram to wage war against YouTube for quite some time now, with IGTV in particular being an important part of this process because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up making video content creators want to expand to this platform as well seeing as it can help them to convert their Instagram followers into video views and the like. However, the launch of IGTV has not gone quite as well as the company would have hoped, and so Instagram is looking to consolidate its disparate video based content platforms into a single tab, as first spotted by MattNavarra.

The fact that videos in your feed were separate from IGTV made sense when you consider the fact that Instagram was targeting influencers with the latter, but now that IGTV’s success has not yet materialized it makes more sense for Instagram to consolidate the two types of content into a single feed. This is essentially a lot more similar to YouTube, where professionally made content tends to be on the exact same list as content that was made in an unprofessional manner, and the separation occurs based on who you subscribe to as well as what your viewing preferences are.

A separate video feed will also bring a lot more eyes to video based content, although users who post casual videos for their followers might find it frustrating that they are unable to post all of their media onto a single feed. This displays the trickiness that can often come with trying to turn a social media site into a video streaming site, something YouTube itself has struggled with although it has been making some progress in regard in the recent past. This is an interesting move and it might help Instagram give YouTube some stiffer competition in the near future.

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