Latest Google Chrome Update Boosts Browser Flexibility

Each new Google Chrome update brings something new to the table, but the thing to note here is that the update that is coming up next might be one of the most significant we have seen recently. A big part of Google’s plans for Chrome have involved Progressive Web Apps which are quickly overtaking extensions as well as desktop apps to make it so that various services and applications can be run from the browser itself, but it has taken a while for these PWAs to get up and running in the way that Google would have initially wanted.

As per BC, Chrome will now be asking users to allow PWAs to act as file handlers so that they can automatically deal with various files that pertain to their specific services, thereby making them act more like native apps in a big way. This is a huge move for Chrome and it might just turn out to be something that can help boost the status of Chrome based operating systems since it can enable such an OS to run apps in a much smoother manner which can lead to a greatly improved user experience.

This can also help make Chrome a much smoother browser and can improve flexibility to a great extent as well. Chrome is facing a great deal of pressure now that Microsoft Edge has started to attain a significant amount of popularity, and anything that Google does to make Chrome keep its place at the top of the browser hierarchy will be something that would help stave off Microsoft from taking its place. This also indicates just how essential competition is for a particular company, since without competition a company would most likely just continue to do things as it has been doing without thinking that innovation is all that necessary of a thing to take part in.

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