Images, Videos Or Links? Study Shows Most Common Social Media Post Types On Facebook And Instagram

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become huge means for us to post about our life happenings to keep our friends and family updated while at the same time connecting with them as well. No day goes by when we don’t interact with people all across the globe through these social media posts. Socialbakers have provided statistics for the first quarter of 2021 which tells how much people have used Facebook and Instagram and what type of media these posts mainly contain.

On Facebook, around 71.2 percent of the posts are images and they make up most of the content that we see on Facebook, video posts are the second most common type of posts with a percentage of 16.6 percent, with 8.6 percent of the content consisting of links, 2.8 percent status and 0.7 percent of the content on Facebook is live video related.

On Instagram, 65.5 percent of the content is mainly of images, 18.6 percent of the consent compromises of carousel, and 15.9 percent of the content consists of videos. These statistics basically sums up the content that is available on Instagram and in what type of media.

These days, when talking about anything social media related, taking the users in account of their countries has become important too. Especially in brand posts, as more people from a specific country engage on these brand posts showing their engagement to their products, the brands will more be than interested in entertaining them with their products. According to Socialbakers study, the country that comments on brand posts the most is Egypt with a percentage of 15.8 percent, Netherlands with 14.7 percent and Zimbabwe with 14.5 percent. The people of these countries follow brand posts the most as seen in the results for the first quarter of 2021. These statistics help brand marketers the most as they get to know which type of products their consumers and the people interested in their products are interested in and then they make their marketing come up to that level accordingly.

Trends on social media get on the charts when people share that specific posts, and upon that sharing it reaches to every corner of the world making people jump on that bandwagon. In this aspect, of which country share social media posts the most. France comes at the top with a percentage of 14.6 percent, Singapore with 12.3 percent and then followed by Tunisia with 12.2 percent. In the first quarter of 2021, these countries were seen at the top of the list of sharing the most social media posts on Facebook. This helps into social media platforms to strategize their future plans for their platforms accordingly.

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