Instagram Will Provide Insights for Reels and Live Videos Now After Limiting the Feature for Only Feed Posts for A long Time

Instagram is one of the most well-known social media platforms out there and it has a large user strength attached with it. The tech giant realizes the impact it has on its users and how it is also a means of income to the business accounts and creators on its platform, hence the tech giant works harder every day to provide its audience with the best they have to offer.

The social network has always provided the insights of data to the business and creator accounts on its platform about how well their posts and content is doing. While previously it provided such metrics for only the posts on the feed, the tech giant is now expanding and will be providing similar data for both the Live Videos as well as the newly introduced Reels.

The Live Video is a fairly old feature now but the Reels option is a new one which has recently been introduced after months testing and gives user a TikTok like experience inside the app. With these two new features the business and content account users now have the accessibility to see how many likes, comments, saves and views did the newly introduced short videos created on Reels have gotten while the metrics for Live will give them the insight on the number of comments, shares user’s live has gotten and the strength of accounts they have managed to reach and also will enlighten the users of their peak concurrent viewers.

Apart from providing insights about the Reels and videos, updates are being brought about in the “Accounts Insight Page”. This will now be accessible to the uses through a pulldown menu from the right upper corner and will provide more new and useful information than before. The account insight page will show over all reach of the posts and will also give data on the accounts which interacts with the user’s content by diving them into two categories: followers and non-followers. Secondly, this new changes are expected to rank the content on the basis of reach ad account type interaction to give the account owners a fair idea about what type of content is more appreciated by their followers.

The tech giant will be launching some other updates on the insight page in the coming months as well. They are expected to bring out new preset time frame options which will help users to filter data in more ways than the usual which is seeing numbers from the last 7 or 30 days.

The tech giant has always provided the users with the very best it has to offer and we are sure it has still a lot of surprises stored in its bag. The tech giant has promised to bring out further updates in the future to help creators and businesses on their platform with their reach and audience growth.

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