Facebook Expands Pay Per View Streaming for Sports Games for Minor Leagues

The expansion of Facebook into various kinds of media categories has been ongoing, and while it initially brought mixed results the fact that Facebook stuck with it has ended up making people check out the various content that Facebook brought to the table at some point or another. This expansion is continuing with Facebook offering users the chance to stream live events after purchasing tickets which is actually quite a smart integration of the kind of user base they have as well as various artists and platforms who might want to connect with their own followings through Facebook.

This pay per view streaming system previously only serviced major sports leagues and the like, but a rather exciting new development that has now arisen involves Facebook potentially offering users the chance to stream local tournaments and minor leagues as well. The covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for sports events to be held and to turn a profit, and Facebook’s launching of this pay per view service is in part due to the reason that it wanted to start supporting these leagues in a really big way.

The thing that marketers and creators should note here is that Facebook does not take any of the revenue generated from ticket sales. The fact that it is pay per view makes it quite different from experiments made in this regard by companies like Twitter since they offered only live streaming capabilities with no real way to sell tickets through these mediums. Leagues getting all of the revenue from ticket sales will also make them far more likely to try using Facebook for this sort of thing, and this will bring Facebook a lot more viewers which can strengthen its value to advertisers, something that would undoubtedly have been the social media platform’s goal from the very start.


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