Google’s new ‘About this result’ feature will help you spot and tackle fake news and information

Google is the most used search engine for people who are seeking answers to their queries. However, at times even this reliable search engine can bring the wrong information and there have been times where users trust the search results that comes up, making them believe that it is authentic and use that incorrect information at their work and school which can have negative effects.

However, if you are now worried about feeding yourself with the wrong information while searching on Google, then stop worrying, because it is not the case every time. Google has always looked up at the queries people face on their systems and work towards making it better and the tech giant is working towards finding the solution to this problem as well.

This Tuesday Google at the I/O developers conference said that it is making it easier for their users to check and evaluate whether their information is right or wrong so that they know what to trust. This is done by Google’s latest feature called ‘About this result’, how this feature works is really simple but will surely enhance your Google experience.

Whenever you search for something on Google, the ‘about this result’ feature will appear under the given website in your results list. This feature will show you how the site with the result describes itself and also shows what other websites say about that search, so that users know that the source of the information is reliable and they can also compare the information on different sites, which will surely help the user make a much better decision about which website to choose.

This excellent feature will solve a big problem which we all come across and surely will increase Google’s credibility, this feature is not yet released but will be out soon.

Apart from that Google have also been working on new updates for the ‘Google lens’ which is an AR camera recognition feature that helps users identify plants, animals and other things such as translating text on printed pages. The new update on the Google lens will help you to quickly search, copy and even listen to the text you translate. Google has decided to launch the Google lens update on Android this month while the iOS devices will get it later this summer.

Google’s dedication towards solving problems and making information easily accessible is great and their innovation is surely what makes them unique.

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