Google Is Launching a New Way to Delete the Recent History and We Are Sure You Will Love It Just as Much as The Other Features

Google comes up with the products that makes our lives easier and I am convinced. The tech giant has always come up new, unique and pretty amazing features which has always been loved by its users and in return they have always been loyal to it. All this makes Google the number one search engine in the world and this new feature that the company is introducing is probably will be loved just as much.

Google has provided its users with the incognito window to search something personal or secretive that you do not want the person you are sharing your laptop, desktop or mobile with. But what happens if you forget to search something like that, let’s take a birthday present for your partner on the incognito window. You will have to show through the hassle of deleting the history one by one of all the tabs you have opened. However, if something like this happens now, Google just made your life easier.

The tech giant has introduced a new feature which will help you delete your recent history by just a tap. The newly introduced feature will allow users to tap on their profile icon on the side of the screen. Tapping on this will give you a list of few options among which there will be “Delete last 15 minutes”. Tapping on this will automatically delete the last 15 minutes of your history.

Life made easy considering how you will not have to go through the hassle of deleting each tab separately now.

However, this will only be applicable if you remember to delete your search within 15 minutes of searching it because after that it will not be deleted through this option.

As to when this feature will be launched is not known yet and the tech giant is yet to comment on this matter. But we are sure we will be seeing this on our screen within a few weeks.

This new feature, along with other announcements like Google Photos' new Locked Folder, is part of a broader focus on privacy at Google I/O 2021.

Google has always managed to provide its users with the best they have to offer and we sure this feature will just be as popular and useful to the audience than the previous features. The tech giant has a lot in store for us and we cannot wait to see what else do they offer us in the future.

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