Google Introduces “About This Result” Feature for a Safer Online Experience

Has it ever happened to you that you are searching for some information about a particular topic, but which ever site you are opening the information on it is different and vague than what the title was portraying or simply do you get worried that opening some unidentified websites or websites you are not aware of can bring viruses harmful for your system? Well worry not, because Google just came up with a really cool feature that will omit all your worries.

Google recently updated a new feature in its search results called “about this result.” This feature will help you see a summarized information content from Wikipedia present in the link from your search results so that it easier for you to vet sites which you are not aware of and to prevent you from wasting time scrolling through information if it is of no use to you.

According to Google, in order to have an access to this feature all you have to do is that when you search for the specific topic in the search box, Google will show a series of links related to your topic. On the right hand side of each search there are three dots present, on clicking on those dots Google will give you a more detailed information on what that site holds, whether it is organic search or a paid result and if the site you are accessing has a secure HTTPS connection.

Google says that the new feature is introduced so that users can have a safe online experience and be peaceful while searching without the fear of any virus downloads or websites accessing your data. The new feature will also help blow out the common misunderstandings related to the current pandemic when people search news and health information on Google and will only link you up with the correct and most authentic information. Google’s importance towards providing safe and authentic information to its users on any topic can be justified by the fact that the company helps determine that sites like “The Lancet” is the valid source for providing correct information of Covid-19.

The feature is coming out today in the form of beta for English Language users on in the US for the web, mobiles, Android Google apps and desktops. However, Google has not given any proper details of how the future will look but they have assured the public that this feature is here to stay and they will keep on taking the public’s input for expanding and improving it in the future.

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