Google has introduced a new feature for its Chrome browser to help users automatically change the stolen passwords

Now, every user has multiple email addresses, and it has become very difficult to memorize each password across multiple sites, ultimately users forget their important password, or their password get exposed online by the hackers. Some users having the fear of forgetting the password, use the same password on multiple sites which puts them in danger of losing important passwords. It only takes one password to breach to steal your account data for different sites. Google has now introduced a new feature (based on Duplex AI) for its Chrome browser which warns the users when one of their passwords is at risk and it helps the users to automatically change the compromised password to save their important data.

This new feature will be gradually launched to Chrome users on Android in the US soon, believing that they use Chrome’s password-synchronizing feature, however, Google said that it will also roll out this feature to other countries of the world later. This feature is in the initial stage and therefore, it will not work on every site rather, it will work only on limited sites and apps like Twitter, but Google is testing to make this feature work on many other sites as well. You may recognize Duplex as a divisive service that can call businesses to make a hairdresser meeting or check hours of workings. Google has unveiled Duplex at its 2018 I/O developer conference and rolled it out to a large audience in the year 2019.

The team is now working to expand Duplex to multiple tasks and put it on the web. Now, it has come in the shape of changing the compromised passwords for the users on the Chrome browser. Chrome browser will use Duplex tech to help the user fixing the stolen password. If you save your important password on Chrome browser, it will perform a check-up to your account information. If it finds your particulars in the known stolen database. Chrome browser will help you to fix the stolen password.

When your password check discloses compromised account information, you can simply click the single button of “change password”. If it is working on that site, Google will find the way to go to the site for you, find the space to change your stolen password, and perform all the necessary steps to create a new casually generated password for you and it will automatically save the revised password on Chrome browser. This new changing password procedure takes the help of Duplex technology under the hood to influence the capabilities.

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