Android 12 Makes Using Alternative App Stores Easier

The fact that Android has been made a far less restrictive platform by Google, at least when compared to what Apple has to offer, has made it so that other companies can create app stores of their very own that users can end up taking advantage of. Companies such as Epic Games have made the most of this, but there has been a bit of a hindrance that has prevented users from being able to utilize these alternative stores in a more or less reasonable manner.

This hindrance involves your operating system treating each app from such alternative stores as a side loaded app, basically resulting in you having to deal with a pop up before you can actually start downloading the app in question. It seems like Google is going to make this far less of an issue in the new Android 12 update, although there will be four basic security requirements that an app store would need to meet in order for users to not have to deal with the security pop up that would otherwise have made them waste quite a bit of time.

The first requirement is that the app store should be flagged in some official way, shape or form, with the second requirement being that the formatting of the app should be optimized for Android 10 or a more advanced version of the operating system. The app should also have been installed by the app store previously at some point, with the final requirement would be a declaration of permission. This might diversify the apps that people can start using at any point, something that is undoubtedly the result of various antitrust litigation that Google has been facing none of which has been going particularly well for the company and it might impact its decision making in the years to come as well.

H/T: Xda-developers.

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