WhatsApp will let users that did not accept the privacy policy to continue using the app

With the start of new year WhatsApp users started receiving pop up messages regarding the changes made in the apps new policy, the pop up message required users to agree to WhatsApp’s privacy changes until the 15th of May or they will not be allowed to use the app once the dead line exceeds. The new policy caused a lot of outrage in people that use WhatsApp, some users even protested on different social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. However, according to a WhatsApp spokesperson they have now decided not to impose the privacy policy and let its users to continue using the app even if they don’t accept the policy changes.

The policy started popping up on 8th February and kept popping up on users screens until they agree to the new policy. The new policy said that it will store information from the user conversations and calls with a WhatsApp business account and use the data for bringing the user relevant advertisement on Facebook, the new policy was made to increase advertisement accuracy on Facebook however, people misinterpreted the policy and made many different assumptions. Some people thought that the new policy would allow WhatsApp to get access to their personal data and their microphone, this led to a mass protest on social sites and people stopped trusting the app, some people even stopped using the app and switch to alternative apps like Telegram.

According to a WhatsApp policy that came out in 2016, whenever a person registers on WhatsApp, the app already stores a little bit of the user’s information like their phone number which is shared with Facebook for different advertising purposes, however when this policy came out in 2016 users were not really concerned about privacy but now after the WhatsApp privacy policy outrage different social apps have realized that people are really concerned about their privacy and data.

Unlike other people some were really not bothered about WhatsApp new privacy update and accepted the new policy so it doesn’t pop up on their screen every now and then as it gets annoying, though WhatsApp said that they will let the users that did not agreed to the new policy continue using the apps without any restriction they will still give a pop up message on the user screen which tells them to accept the policy changes. This new change will give users a choice and will surely lower the outrage.

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