Google search has a new feature in store: Reading snippets out loud

Recently, users found another innovative 'try' by Google to increase user efficiency however it did little to help users out since this creation was applicable on 'featured snippets. It wouldn't be wrong for us to admit that these snippets of information have indeed been one of the most useful features Google has put down on the plate.

Google has been testing around a lot for the last few months and not all of its experiments are what we would deem as useful. The subject at hand here is the new ‘reading-out-loud’ feature resembling a google assistant but on a snippet instead.

Featured snippets were introduced back in 2014 and it received quite a positive response from people as to the fact that all the pivotal information could be provided through such a small excerpt. For those that are unaware and troubled by these snippets, you can even turn off these featured snippets by navigating through the Google settings.

By now, I'm sure you would've checked to see if the voicing feature is available at your corner and if you failed to detect it, it is because the recently-arisen attribute hasn't made it to all regions yet. The author of the original tweet was unable to replicate this feature nor could we do it but why? Because the only territory blessed by this addition in India. This tidbit is quite saddening as we know you can't wait to check it nor can we!

The question here remains, is this feature unnecessary or will it prove to be at least of some benefit? While it is indeed a great innovation and definitely would contribute to the efficiency of the search engine, the snippets already contain all the info in such a simple and brief manner that playing it out loud isn't necessary.

The feature was brought to light by Barry Schwartz, the CEO of Rusty Bricks, on 26th May 2021. In his blog post, he mentioned the feature along with a screenshot acquired through ManikandanNSEO.

Furthermore, in an article, Schwartz expressed his concerns on the doubtfulness of this feature being another one of the Chrome adjuncts or a legitimate part of the Google search framework.

Whether this will be a permanent feature or not is still questionable along with the availability to all regions. We remain skeptical about its functionality and we have yet to see whether the public receives the feature well or will it be another one of those that die with time?

Screenshot: @MrRobzilla
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