TikTok Will Now Let Users Schedule a Live and See the Description Text Before Uploading a Video

TikTok is the most downloaded and used social media application and the short video creating application has gain all this immense success within a short span of time since its launch. It is a great place for people to express themselves through their videos and the tech giant realizes that its millions of users rely on their platform for entertainment purposes and now some are even making a proper earning out of it. This makes the tech giant realize that it has a huge impact on a number of people and hence makes them work harder and introduce new and unique features every now and then.

TikTok recently brought out two very unique and amazing features which will definitely come in handy for its users and we are so excited to share them with you.

The first feature being launched, as per Matt Navarra, on the application is a schedule option for a live stream. TikTok very recently has rolled out a live video chatting option on its platform and now the company is working towards another option which will let users schedule a video chat. The purpose of this new feature is that previously when creators use to hold a live session for their followers most of the time many of them missed it because they did know about it beforehand and were busy with work to see the notification of the live, but now through this feature this will change. The tech giant will allow creators to schedule a live stream through a promotional video about it to its followers. The company will also then send a pop up notification to the followers when the time of live is near. So if you missed a Live Chat Session from your favorite creator previously, it’s okay because that will not happen now.

The second new feature the tech giant is bringing out is called a “Preview” feature. The work of this feature will be to let the creators check how much of their description will appear on the visible area. This means that before uploading a video, users can have a preview that what amount of text will be visible to the viewers while watching the video and how much they can read before they have to click on the arrow button to read further. Through the help of the feature creators than can fix the important notes about their description on the visible part of the video so that it can be seen by users just scrolling through the video with no intention of reading further.

The tech giant always comes up with really unique features and we have high hopes about all that is to come as well.

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