Instagram Rolls Out A “Drops” Feature Which Will Help Brands Aware the Public About Their New Product Launches

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications and the tech giant has paved its way through the ecommerce world with a class. The company realized the importance online shopping holds in the lives of people with busy schedules when they cannot go out to shop, things seem to be just a click away online and specially during the times of the pandemic when the world was imposed with a lockdown was the time ecommerce business flourished the most.

Instagram has deepened its roots into the ecommerce world by introducing direct in app purchase through the application and has introduced several new features for it. One such feature the company recently introduced is called “Drops”.

The purpose of this feature is that it will highlight the new drops and launches by several companies and show case it on the top of the “Shop” tab that is present on the business accounts on the application. This new feature will show you the latest products the brand is releasing, limited products that it has in stock as well as the products it thinks might pique your interest and it is a great way for brands to maximize their reach as well.

The new feature is based on one of Instagram’s old features called product reminder options, through which users could enable a notification to let them know about when a certain product of the brand will be in stock. This feature was first launched in September of 2019 and now the company has evolved it to this new Drop feature.

While product reminders gave people a notification about a certain product, the new feature will collect all this information in one place as well as let you know about the other new launches and products that might peak your interest all in one place.

Through this Instagram provides a great way for brands to spread awareness about their new launches and create a hype as well through which they can greatly improve their sales.

If you are a brand owner and run a business page on Instagram this is a great shot for you to improve your marketing. If you want to make your brand's products appear on the Drop page you need to use the product launch tool which is available through the commerce manager. This is for those brands that have already registered for ecommerce tools within the application. Once all this is done you can then post reminders to create a hype and excite your audience while also using cute stickers about your product launches.

Simply through all this your brand will be visible on the “Drops” page.

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