Google Chrome ultimately decided to launch its much-awaited version

Google 91 is finally available for download on all supported platforms.

The wait is over and Google has finally launched its latest version, Google 91. The update has been praised by many due to the exceptional features accompanying it. Security has been the prime focus with the ever-increasing rate of cybercrime. Needless to say, this objective has gained satisfaction from users worldwide already.

The version reportedly addresses 32 different areas that former versions lacked to increase its credibility. What got our attention was the wise decision to add the innovative DoH feature, commonly known as DNS over HTTPS on Linux which further strengthens the privacy and security of the model. You're even protected from NAT Slipstream 2.0 attacks and exploits through the blockage of the HTTP 10080 port.

All users that employ PWAs will be benefitted from this new version as you won't have to launch PWAs separately after turning on the device. Google 91 enables PWA-operated programs to launch automatically once the browser is turned on.

The highlight of the version is the new file-uploading feature that claims to be quite distinctive as it enables users to upload files to web-based services effortlessly. The inception of this service was a highly successful event as people have been responding tremendously.

The only doubt we have is, didn’t the previous versions have similar file-uploading systems? What’s so different about this one that Google did not include any other principle feature? The answer is the extreme proficiency accompanying it.

If you want to upload a file right now, the system would require you to drag and drop the file or click the browsing button and then locate the file. This isn't as much of a hassle however once you get to know about the new feature, this would seem tiresome indeed.

With Chrome 91, all you need to do is copy the file and paste it where you need to upload it and Viola! The file would be uploaded. You do not need to drag or browse, Google takes care of the pasting and uploading itself.

So do you need to install the new version to get access to this feature? Not necessarily. If you want to access all the other functions and acquire the excellent security system, you're more than welcome, however, if you decide against it, you can still prevent being deprived of this feature. What you need to do is to be patient till this feature makes its way to all other chromium-based browsers even including the Windows 10 default, Microsoft Edge.

This powerful version with all of its up-to-date quirks is readily available for all Windows, Linux, or Mac users.

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