Facebook Doubles Down on Gaming Platform by Offering More Monetization to Creators

A big part of Facebook’s strategy over the past few years has involved trying to branch out into video streaming, and Facebook Gaming in particular has been a key part of this strategy. Facebook Gaming is basically the company’s response to other streaming platforms such as Twitch which mostly focused on live streaming video game playthroughs and the like although other forms of content ended up being thrown into the mix as well.

Facebook tried to incentivize gaming creators into trying their platform out to connect with fans, and part of this involved offering users the chance to give their favorite creators “Stars” which can be a part of a wider donation or contribution that a user might be making to the creator in question. While this privilege was previously restricted to live streamers and the like, Facebook appears to be changing that by expanding monetization options for video on demand creators as well.

Instagram, Facebook’s most valuable subsidiary by far, has also planned a lot more monetization options for creators, and it seems that Facebook is trying to make itself a center for gaming related content whereas Instagram might turn into a different kind of site that would emphasize makeup and other influencer focused content instead.

Facebook is further trying to offer more monetization options for live creators in the form of mid-roll ads. Ads in live streams that interrupt the stream itself have not been seen on other platforms, and while they might help creators obtain a bit more revenue at the end of the day at the same time they are going to be immensely popular amongst viewers. Facebook needs to understand that no matter how much they incentivize their creators, at the end of the day it’s the viewers that are going to make a platform viable in the long run.

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