Despite of Android Running over 2.5 Billion Devices, Google is Working on new Operating Systems

We got to hear about a lot of new updates and features being added to Google, at the recent Google I/O developer conference. In between these ground-breaking revelations, the Tech Giant also announced that Android now powers over 2.5 billion devices.

Two years ago, the number was 2 billion. So that can make one think that the rise hasn’t been quite rapid, considering that from September 2015 to May 2017, around 400 million new Android devices were added and then it took the company another two years to add 500 million more devices before it could announce that Android now runs over 2.5 million gadgets.

Regardless, Android is still the most popular mobile OS. However, Google doesn’t intend on stopping at Android, as over the last few years, it has also spent its resources on reviving KaiOS and Fuchsia OS, an extension of Mozilla’s Firefox OS that didn’t take off on a proper note.

Although there aren’t much details available regarding KaiOS and Fuchsia, there is a strong possibility that these operating systems will start picking up steam as time goes on. These OS will start gaining notoriety once more users from developing countries join the global village that we call “Internet”. Google is well aware of it and keeping an eye to capitalize at the right moment.

Android boasts 2.5 billion active devices
Photo: Android

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