Google Announced Some New Features for The Maps at The I/O Developers Event and They Look Really Exciting

Google in its I/O developer conference has announced several new features and tools for a variety of their applications that will come in handy for the users. One such application that we will be seeing a lot of new and positive changes in is Google Maps.

The company has announced a handful of new features on Google Maps which will be helping the users in several ways and will help them find their way around more easily and comfortably.

The first feature the company has announced on Maps is called the “Safer Routing” feature. This will take into account the weather conditions, roads and the traffic before providing the users the best possible route to take. The purpose of this feature according to the tech giant is to reduce up to 100 Million "sudden brakes". This basically means that by providing routes with less traffic and better roads and weather conditions the application will help in minimizing the accidents and sudden car sliding that happen on the roads due to the natural weather affects. This feature can come in handy for those that live in areas subject to extreme weather or particularly annoying traffic problems.

The company is also promoting eco-friendly routes through this feature which will encourage people to take walks for short distances near their homes rather than taking their cars which will be helpful for the conservation of the environment. Some tweaks to Live View are also coming to show more prominent street labels and cues to better orient you spatially in relation to things like your home or work locations.

Another feature the company talked about at the conference is called “Area Busyness”. This when launched will give users information on what areas or neighborhoods are packed with traffic and will suggest you to not take those routes. This is especially useful in times of the pandemic when avoiding large crowds and traffics is the best for your health. The feature will give you a geographic indicator of the affected areas, and the degree of any issue.

Apart from all this, some minor changes will also be happening on the Map all together as said by the tech giant. The changes will better highlight businesses and locations based on time of day and show you places you may want to go at a specific time of the day. The company said when you search for locations near you at 10 PM you will not see a breakfast only joint in your locality despite it being their because it is not needed at such an hour. From the looks of it, seems like that Google will more aggressively rotate the locations it highlights.

Google in the I/O developer meeting announced that it is planning on implementing more detailed, contextual maps later in 2021. According to the preview they showed, the company will now be focusing on detailed information for street lights and crosswalks.

This feature will specially come in handy for people who use walking as their commute and want specific information on the safest and brightest streets to take and help find ways around complex intersection.

According to the tech giant, this complex data will be formed after a combining satellite imagery, Street View, and computational movement data and currently it is not possible to launch it everywhere at once. The company announced it will launch this feature in about 50 cities by the end of this year and will slowly start rolling out in other areas after that.

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