New Survey Reveals Interesting Consumer Trends Regarding Apple AirTags

Apple, apart from its amazing phones have always managed to launch some great products and the users have always been inclined towards buying them because of the trust they have on the company. One of the products the company is launching is their new AirTags and the public is very much excited about it as well. The device is very small and users can put it in different things like wallets, install it in cars etc. and the AirTags will track it for you in case it gets lost. Quite a useful investment if you ask me.

Gadget company SellCell carried out a survey which included 3000 owners of Apple products to check what people feel about the new AirTags of Apple and the responses show that more than half of the users are pretty excited about them.

The survey showed that 61 percent of the people who use Apple products were interested in buying the new AirTags and not just a single pack, but many claimed that they will be buying multiple packets. However, 31 percent was not very inclined towards the new launch.

A lot of people commented on the prices of the AirTag in the survey where 54 percent think what Apple charges for AirTags is a good deal, 32 percent think it is reasonable, 14 percent feel it is expensive and should be cheaper.

The people who gave positive responses towards them buying AirTags were further asked what was the sole reason they think that the device is worth a buy on which 42 percent said that it is reliable as it leverages Apple’s robust Find My network great value for money was responded by 19% , ‘strong privacy features’ by 15%, uses replaceable batteries that last about a year by 10%, has plenty of accessories by 6%, personalization with engraved text, emoji’s numbers by 5.3%, and better overall design than rivals 2.7% were the collected responses.

The color of the AirTag was also a very big concern because people preferred it in different colors. Blue AirTags won the race with 33.4 percent votes. While Silver – 30.1%, Green – 13.4%, Purple – 8.9%, Yellow – 6.8%, Pink – 4.1%, Orange – 3.3% were the remaining color categories and percentage of choice.

The big question was as to what the users wanted the AirTag for, and a wide variety of responses were collected such as some said they would want to track their pets in case they got lost while some wanted it for cars and purses. Other responses were also observed however the most disturbing one was where 6.9 percent people claimed to track their partners.
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