Facebook to Launch a News Platform and Is Encouraging Local and Independent Reporters to Join Them

Facebook announced its news publishing platform last month and is encouraging local journalists to join in on their team.

According to the company the news publishing platform includes a self-publishing tool which will allow publishers to launch and update newsletter themselves and charge for the subscriptions of their newsletter. The company wants local journalists to join this platform as it is prioritizing reporters that do not have a link to any existing news source and has said that it is willing to spend almost 5 million dollars on the payments of the local news reporters that decide to join them.

According to Reuters, reporters who can cover or plan to cover Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian or other audiences of color and tell stories about their communities from around the world will highly be favored and that Facebook will strike multiyear deals with selected journalists, who can earn more money through subscriptions.

Facebook stated that the main reason for it to launch this platform is so that the voices and stories published by local reporters, independent writers, experts, journalists, and authoritative voices can reach to a broader and new audience through Facebook and some change can be brought about in the world through it especially if it is the stories of people of color or any community in general which will enlighten about the ways of life others around the globe live.

On the question as to how local writers can join or send in their application, the company said that they are opening up an application for US writers creating public interest journalism in their communities and looking to gain access to this new platform and the services that the company is offering in order to build an independent business.

However, through the launch of this newsletter platform Facebook is also competing with other news platforms specially with Substack which also had launched a 1 million dollar initiative to higher local news reporters in April. Substack had claimed up to select up to 30 local news reporters to receive one-year advances of up to 100,000 dollars.

Facebook has done a lot of work for the news industry in the past with it announcing a 5-million-dollar investment in local news last year as well as paying national news outlets to publish content on its social network. But things are different this time as the company is launching its own news platform rather than working with big or independent news outlets.

Though Facebook may have its own reasons to launch this news outlets like increasing their revenue or something but one good thing that has come out of it is that local reporters will get an opportunity to work with a high end company and publish their work to the world and if things go right for them will have a chance to strike a multiyear deal with the tech giant itself.

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