Group video calls are paving its way on Telegram by next month

The emerging messaging application Telegram, is planning to bring in a new group video call feature for its users. This new feature will be available by next month and will implemented fully featured even for the users with web based video conference call.

It was officially announced by Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram. In a text message that was posted on his official Telegram Channel, he said that they will be adding a new video dimension for their voice chats by May that will make this application, Telegram, a much more strong platform for hosting group video calls. He further added that the Sharon of screen, encrypted messages, noise cancelling features with support for tablet, everything a user cam think about from any current video calling application but UI of Telegram level, encryption and speed.

Previously, at many occasions, Telegram was found to be taunting it’s other rival applications for being late while bringing on new features to their platform however in the basis of video calls, Telegram showed itself to be somewhat lazy as it previously only had the ability to host a one on one video call by last year in August and did not prioritize the launch for a perfect video calling feature as they already indicated to bring in this new update months earlier.

In a blog posted in April 2020 to celebrate its 400M users, Telegram said that this pandemic and lockdown situation played an important role to highlight the need for the trusted communication gadgets even for video calls. On the same side it also showed its concerns for user privacy and security and said that this was the cause behind the delay for bringing in this feature.

In this current event, instead of rolling past the group video communication, the app is planning to do much more half way through the year 2021, however the question that how much secure the video call will be is still alive. According the message delivered by the Founder, he kept repeating the word encryption time to time but previously Zoom had also made history with its own messed up security claims. After that, Zoom started to offer its own end to end encrypted services and is also planning to become a platform for its very own rights.

The one on one video call that was offered by Telegram previously had its own end to end encryption and it can be assumed that for group calls similar approach will be followed. However many debates were subjected on this thought and it is possible that even if Telegram claims and end to end encrypted video call, it will still undergo scrutiny process. As of today, Durov added that the company is currently working on a functional web based video call version that will be added very soon.

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