Once again Samsung became the leader in smartphone market with Apple at second position

A tech war has been going on between the two giants namely Samsung and Apple. It is not just a brand war instead it also sometimes referred as Android vs iOS. These two are the biggest names in smartphone manufacturers list and keeps competing for the first position.

With the release of iPhone 12 last year, Apple topped the list with Samsung on second position, however as per the reports that came out for the first quadrant of this year, 2021 which showed that Samsung has taken its lead back over Apple and has become the World’s largest Smartphone manufacturer. This is because Samsung successfully managed to account more than fifth of the overall global sales in the first quarter for the current year.

According to one of the leading global market’s technology analyst Canalys, other original equipment manufacturer simply known as OEMs, like the China based mobile phone brand Xiaomi has also reported its best performance in this quarter. The shipment for the company surged up by 62 percent and reaching a 49 million units while accounting for 14 percent of this market share. As a result, the South Korea based tech giant, Samsung became the leader of the market and Cupertino based Apple became the second and for third position, Xiaomi successfully qualified. With this the global sales for smartphones went straight up to 27 percent in this period and reached a shipment unit for 347 million.

Another big news that arrived was the opening up of Chinese economy after it was hit by Covid-19 pandemic, while on the other hand the vaccination process has also begun in the United States which has managed to raise up the hopes for the economy to recover. Not only this, but Samsung was able to ship 76.5 million smartphones in the first quadrant for the year holding a market place of 22 percent. This marked a rise of up to 66 percent in the profit made with this smartphone business in the first quarter. A strong reason behind this surge is due to the fact of strong sales of the Galaxy S21 flagship series.

Simultaneously, Apple was able to ship 52.4 million of its iPhones making an overall market share of 15 percent. The 5G enabled iPhone 12 made these strong sales possible in China. The overall market witnessed a great performance for year 2021 however it is possible that this graph will slow down in the upcoming months because of the critical supply of important components including chipsets which has given rise to some major concerns.
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