Facebook counters scrutiny as the Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg suggests US digital regulator

Former UK Deputy Prime Minister calls for digital regulation, but instead receives scrutiny.

Although the US government dropped the bomb early in 2020, people are still getting used to the idea of digital regulators. The only ones mainly affected were bankers, economists, and financers however now, the whole world almost got majorly affected.

As we all know, Facebook is already taking over the world little by little through securing the major platforms - Giphy, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger among others. It won't be surprising to discover that its greedy little claws are up to claw again. This time around, the perpetrator is not Mark Zuckerburg - bless that guy, however, is another renowned name, the previous UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg who is now a part of the Facebook family as the vice president of global affairs.

Nothing is confirmed yet but on May 24, 2021, an article came forward claiming that Clegg suggested that the lawmakers should create a state-of-art digital regulator for the overlooking of content policy along with the data. Now, this wasn't news to us as digital regulators are already being introduced all over the state.

In a written report Clegg informed about the four areas where he thought work could be done. As you guessed it, he addressed digital affairs and how lawmakers could make amends. These included removing illegal content, featuring privacy, ensuring transparent influence operations, and moving data between sites. To achieve all this, he proposed to create a regulator.

What caught us by surprise was when the mere Facebook executive compared his operation to that of the Federal Communications Commission by suggesting the same framework be implemented as was exercised by the FCC regarding telecoms and media regulation.

While the public continually criticizes Facebook for leaping to such decisions when the internal agency is such a mess, we would like to applaud Clegg for daring to sketch down the idea of a digital library floating around for so long.

The policymakers in the US gave little heed to the former prime minister as there was slight relevance found between digital regulation and that performed by the FCC and Federal Trade Commission.

There is also a chance that if the higher-ups caught wind of the proposal and decided to implement it, the Facebook hierarchy would largely benefit and the net earnings would skyrocket. While this on the greener side, Facebook now has to fix all their internal matters due to the scrutiny their one statement made them receive. As a result, Facebook is now calling for rules to fix its export US values, standardize the economy, and take pressure off its subsiding companies.

For now, the government isn't reacting positively but who knows what the government might be up to as Facebook receiving scrutiny today might be rewarded for its ideas tomorrow.
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