Researchers believes that social media can be one of the biggest reasons for depression amongst young people

With the fast adaptation of technology all around the world, people spend more time on their phones and computers and are addicted to them. One of the main reasons for people especially teenagers to get addicted to their phones are social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Even though social media has had a positive impact on the world but excessive social media use is known to have a negative effect on your mental health.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical psychology which proved the direct link of bad mental health with social media, the study included 143 young individuals from the University of Pennsylvania that were divided into two groups A and B. Group A had to limit their social media use whereas group B had to significantly increase it. The results were clear, with group A which limited its social media use had much better mental health than group B, students in group A that previously experienced loneliness and depressive symptoms experienced a decline in them. Apart from this another study by a growing scientific body ‘NPR’ suggest that Facebook is one of the reasons behind the drastic rise in the suicide rates amongst teens.

Experts believe that Facebook is trying to obfuscate relations between social media and depression. This topic is quite a sensitive one for Facebook since they are slowly moving towards a younger demographic. Facebook has plans to create another version of Instagram for children below 13. A group of 40 state attorneys called onto Facebook to reconsider their idea, claiming that it can have a negative impact on the child building character.

Facebook CEO ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ called onto the research by ‘NPR’ during a congressional hearing in March. Zuckerberg said that the research is not conclusive as objective data is hard to collect whereas researchers disagreed to his statement. NPR representative Kathy Castor said that Facebook enjoys an outdated liability shield and takes half measures while making billions of dollars on the expense of the mental health of its users.

The factors that would make Facebook much healthier for people are things like spending less time on the platform, not following strangers and stopping aimless scrolling, all of which will completely destroy the business model of Facebook.

Since the Covid-19 virus users have collectively increased the use of social media but McMorris Rodgers believe that Facebook is much more concerned about its bottom line which is its motivation to sell advertisements that are based on engagement.


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