Data Reveals TikTok Now Equals Facebook in Total Time Spent on App

TikTok used to be considered a niche app that did not have all that many potential users in developed countries as the app initially only had a large number of users in certain parts of the world that might have been considered developing or the third world as some say. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that TikTok’s meteoric rise has meant that it has become the social media app of choice for most users in the world, and the data is certainly showing that this might be the case.

Basically what the data is revealing right now is that the total amount of time that users spend on TikTok is now equal to the amount of time that users end up spending on Facebook’s main app. About a year ago, TikTok made headlines for surpassing Instagram in terms of total amount of time that was spent on the app, and while that in and of itself was quite a shocker for some, the new figures are even more shocking since TikTok now sees triple the amount of total time as Instagram.

This indicates that while TikTok might not have as many individual users as the other popular platforms, the users it does have tended to use the app for much longer periods of time. Everyone knows that number of users and followers is not nearly as important as engagement, so this might be a sign that TikTok is moving far ahead of its competitors even though they have been working quite hard to make it so that they create versions of the app themselves to try and eat into TikTok’s market share, none of which have been particularly successful as TikTok has marched on and has found an enormous audience all around the world.

H/T: AppAnnie

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