New Data Reveals Users Spend More Time on TikTok Than on Instagram

TikTok has risen quite fast in the world of social media, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it has managed to crack a market that most western social media platforms tended to fail in to a certain extent, that of developing countries. Hence, for the first time in the history of social media there is a highly popular application that has not come from America, and this has caused a lot of waves to erupt in pretty much every facet of this industry.

After conquering several major markets such as India, TikTok turned to the US planning an aggressive expansion into the market. This has sent US companies scrambling to provide competitor services, and this is coming at just the right time since it turns out that people are using TikTok a lot more than they are using Instagram and the like. While Instagram might have more individual accounts on its platform, TikTok users are spending a lot more time on the app whenever they use it and this is very important to take into account because of the fact that the raw number of users doesn’t matter nearly as much as how much time they are spending on the platform.

According to insights provided by Cowen (a financial services firm), TikTok has seen a marked rise in engagement this year, rising from 37 minutes on average to 41 minutes. If you compare this with Instagram, the Facebook subsidiary gets only 33 minutes of usage on average per day from each user. This seems to indicate that TikTok is improving its engagement potential, and this is the sort of thing that could lead to an even bigger rise that would be far more impressive in the near future.

This data comes in at a time where TikTok is facing a lot of opposition both from American companies as well as the American government, with the Trump administration essentially launching a full on trade war with China. The American government is attempting to prevent TikTok from gaining a foothold in the country entirely, or at the very least force the American version of TikTok to sever its ties from its Chinese parent company.

Many are commenting on how similar this is to China’s own banning of western social media platforms and websites, something that was often criticized in the west as a form of censorship and a manner in which China was depriving its people of access to the real world. It remains to be seen where something like this goes, but the rise in popularity that TikTok has seen has most definitely been quite impressive.

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