Android version of the Clubhouse app will soon be launched worldwide

The voice only social network, Clubhouse (CH) has announced recently that the application is expanding its platform by making itself available for the Android users as well. The Android version of the app will be available worldwide in a week. This announcement has been made a few days after the beta version of the application was released on Google owned mobile operating system for the users in the United States.

Clubhouse originally made its first appearance last year, initially it was an iPhone only app. This platform soon got recognition from iOS users as it successfully managed to attract some high profile politicians, celebrities, investors and even entrepreneurs. Currently the app is estimated to have a worth of $4 billion. According to the official Twitter page of the application, the app will be rolling out for the Android users in Japan, Russia and Brazil on coming Tuesday and on Friday it will be available in Nigeria and India. The rest of the world will be receiving it throughout the week and by Friday afternoon, it will be available worldwide.

The startup began the development of Android app earlier this year and by this month, the beta version was out for testing. The startup told that making the application available for Android users was the most requested feature for the product. The app announced its support for Android at a time when other tech giants including Facebook, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Discord and Reddit shared their plans of offering similar applications for their users.

Currently, Twitter’s Spaces is the biggest competitor for Clubhouse. However, the app despite being just an iOS only application, did manage to maintain its growth pace in recent months based on figures estimated by some mobile insight companies. And now, with the it being available for other users as well, will potentially help the startup in boosting up more users. The app still works on the invitation system as the app developers cleared that it is a part of efforts to measure the growth of the platform.

A number of features are still not available for the Android version of Clubhouse, such as users not being able to follow a topic, create a link or manage it, link their profiles or changing their user names or making payment. However, CH team tweeted that it is working to bring in more features for both iOS and Android versions such as making the list available of people who paid the content creator or finding everyone the user have heard of in last 10 days and users being able to tag people in profile these 3 features will soon be available for the iOS devices.

Photo: Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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