Microsoft 365 Users Face Extreme Breaches in The Past One Year

Online breaches have been happening from time to time but what is that it has been a constant part of Microsoft 365 users in the past 12 months as reported by Microsoft 365's Security Blind Spot report.

During the pandemic, everyone was confined to the four walls of their houses and were working from home. During this time, Microsoft users experienced the most breaching of data. Almost 67 percent of IT leaders who used Microsoft were a part of data breaches as compared to those who did not use Microsoft as their operating software.

This data was formed from the results that were collected from a survey conducted independently on behalf of Egress by Arlington Research, interviewed 500 IT leaders and 3,000 remote-working employees in the US and UK across vertical sectors such as financial services, healthcare, and legal.

Data breaches among the Microsoft users were experienced the most in Microsoft 365 users, in which 15 percent of Microsoft 365 users experienced 500 incidents in the past year alone while users of other emails only experienced email breaching at a ratio of 4 percent only.

Apart from data breaches misdirected emails have also been observed a lot of times among Microsoft 365 users. 26 percent of users reported incidents of email breaches which happened because of an employee sharing data inadvertently via email, compared to just 14% of non-Microsoft 365 users.

The consequences for Microsoft users are also more severe, with 93% of businesses using Microsoft 365 reporting negative consequences because of a breach, compared to only 84% of businesses not using it.

76 percent of IT leaders expect that in the future remote and hybrid working will make it more difficult for users to prevent Microsoft 365 email data loss while only 40 percent of non-Microsoft users are expected to experience this loss.

Egress’ Chief Technology Officer Darren Cooper says though during the pandemic Microsoft has been a phenomenal adoption to many organizations and have brought many cost and efficiency benefits to them but their security has always been unstable and that they cannot ignore the risk of email data loss from Microsoft 365 and the shortcomings of static DLP solutions to mitigate the outbound email security risks that organizations face today.

While the security looks a bit tattered right now, we sincerely hope that the company works in maintaining its breaches in the future and the users do not face any further difficulty.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

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