YouTube's new COVID-19 vaccine campaign focuses on educating people and encouraging them to get vaccinated

To educate people about the COVID-19 vaccine, YouTube has launched a campaign to promote the vaccine. The social media giant is running these series on its platform and is planning to make these run throughout July. YouTube’s PSA campaign will not only run on the video-sharing platform but will also be available on other means of media as well like radio and television. The first part of this COVID-19 vaccine series have gone live in the US and the company will soon launch this in other regions as well. The launch on other regions depends on the availability of the vaccine in those regions.

YouTube has designed these series by targeting the people from age 18 to 34, the reason is that as more people from this age group take the vaccine the more others will be motivated enough to take them. To launch the first part of the series, YouTube joined hands with the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Through this partnership, more people will get educated with a wide range of resources. Along with this, to give better exposure to the people, YouTube has also partnered with different health experts from all around the world and is also planning onto collaborate with comedians, fashion icons and artists to address questions which usually circulate around related to the COVID-19 vaccine and its effect.

YouTube’s director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships when announcing this said in a blog post that the tech giant is always trying to make sure that whatever information people get related to the vaccine, they get it from a reliable source. As misinformation about something as sensitive as this can really mess up not only with a person’s mind but can have an effect on a whole system too. This also includes the information on how the vaccine is developed and tested and what can really be expected from it. While keeping these reasons at front, YouTube has partnered up with reliable medical organizations that can provide the answers to these certain questions correctly.

The multilingual technology blog network, Engadget has reported that other tech giant apps and companies like Facebook and Amazon are also planning onto introduce such initiatives related to the vaccine to help people become aware of the vaccine and also motivate them enough to get vaccinated as soon as possible. A company coming up with such initiatives is a big step as they have a large following and the pandemic at the moment can use that following to use.

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