Top cryptocurrency trading strategies

One of the unique features of the cryptocurrency market is the fairly high volatility. Assets are both difficult and attractive to trade. If you want to optimize your work with cryptocurrency, you can do it not only with equanimity and composure, but also with the help of various trading strategies.

Most likely, beginners are concerned with one question, what is the "best cryptocurrency trading strategy"? We suggest to start by exploring the most famous and widely used strategies and we hope that one of them, or maybe all of them, will become the best strategy for you.

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Day trading

Crypto trading is easy, both beginners and professionals can successfully apply trading strategies.

The essence: opening and closing transactions to get fast income from intraday fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrency during the day.

Advantages: opportunity to level out risks and avoid financial losses associated with holding positions (since you will have no open positions after crypto markets close).

If you find it hard to stay calm while watching asset price swings for a long time, you should definitely include this strategy in your trading plan as a trader.


The point of a cryptocurrency scalping strategy is to make money on an impressive number of successful trades, not on the amount of income they yield. Your trading will be high-frequency - you need to open positions according to the trend as it develops. Scalping is popular with those cryptocurrency traders who prefer to work with the most volatile cryptocurrencies.

Advantages: opportunity to minimize losses by closing positions promptly if the market moves in the "wrong" direction.

Trend trading

It is recommended for disciplined traders. As in the case with scalping, you should open positions according to the trend. The difference between scalping and a trend strategy is that the latter can be both short-, medium- and long-term, as trends develop over different time periods.

The point: not to quickly open and close several trades (as in the case of scalping), but to buy to the support/resistance level. You will make a profit by trading only in the direction of the existing trend. Once the trend is established, you need to "jump" into its position. Just like many other profitable strategies for cryptocurrencies, this one will require you to know how to work with technical indicators. If you don't understand indicators, you won't be able to use them for detecting emerging trends. In addition, you need to understand how economic events and news can affect the crypto markets.
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