YouTube has enhanced some resolution controls on mobile apps while playing your favorite video contents

YouTube is the most used and famous video-streaming platform in the world and a lot of our daily dose of entertainment and news depend on it. However, not everyone has the same preferences of video quality, so, keeping in mind this point of view, YouTube has introduced a simplified set of streaming quality controls that will let you modify your viewing experience. But, YouTube is still not sure whether each user will like it or not. Until now, all users had the same options to select the streaming quality or chose an Auto option that automatically adjusted the quality depending on the quality of the internet connection.

The latest controls offer a more "friendly" set of new options for users who don’t understand video resolution but they conceal quality selector rather frustratingly with an additional tap. The latest options allow you to prioritize higher video quality which uses more data from your device, or if you want to use less data, then you can choose the lower picture/video quality when streaming videos on the mobile app YouTube. When you are watching a video on YouTube, the video quality will change depending on your network or data connections according to the report.

Users also have an option to choose if they want the video streaming app to default when playing mobile data and WI-FI networks from the settings of the YouTube app. You can see these options both on Android and iOS devices and it was the server-side update that YouTube introduced. The higher picture quality shows 720p in very brief testing, data save will top out at 480p, but can drop it up to 144p resolution if your network is not stable. On top of that, you can also use the advanced tab while playing a video on the YouTube mobile app to choose a specific video playback resolution from 144p to 4K UHD. You can manually select the resolution of video up to 4K, but you will need to do so for every video you watch and you can’t just play all videos at a specific resolution by default. There are no global settings or options in the specific resolution in the app.

You do not need to download or install the latest version of the YouTube app on your device to access these features, but it’s worth doing so anyway for optimal performance.

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