Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Feature Finally Launches in iOS 14.5 After A lot of Issues and Months of It Being Talked About

Apple has officially launched its iOS version 14.5, and that means a range of new tools and features will be making appearances on your iPhone through this update which includes new phone unlock options for people wearing face masks, a range of updated voice options for Siri.

However, the most anticipated and talked about update is none other than the App Tracking Transparency Feature which has been a talk in the tech world news since it was introduced for the first time by the company in June of 2020.

Apple first enlightened users about its plan to launch an App Tracking Transparency Feature last year, where the company said that through this feature user will have an option to select whether or not they want to allow other applications on their phone to track their data.

Social media applications track users to collect their data and pass it to other applications and website in order to point targeted ads towards the users and other purposes. The targeted ads are based on the users’ data which tells company what the user will be interested in and therefore the company directs the ads of preference towards that users on their application and this is one of the largest sources of the revenue generated by the company.

However, previously the companies did not seek permission from the users to track their data but through this new feature in iOS version 14.5, the App Tracking Transparency Feature will give users control on what apps they allow to track their data. After their software is updated in their iPhones; users will get a notification from all the apps when they open it asking for consent to track their data. Users can later change their option selected in their settings as well.

Many companies showed their opposition last year when Apple first talked about this feature claiming that it could have a significant impact on digital marketing, and reducing the effectiveness of online ads.

Facebook even launched a long list of reasons as to why people should select to let their data’s be collected through a number of points which clearly made Apple seem like the bad guy. The list issued by Facebook said that the data collected by them is a source to target small businesses that rely on their platform to the audience and through this feature of Apple many small businesses will be affected specially at such crucial times during the Pandemic when they need support the most. But Apple's stance is that this change puts more control into the hands of individuals, which is the way it should be - and with the broader shift towards providing more transparency and control over user data, in all respects, Apple's prompts do make a lot of sense.

Hence, the applications said they will be making certain changes because of this versions Tracking feature which will be impactful as well. Facebook has published a long list of changes that it's making as a result of the iOS 14.5 launch, while TikTok has also shared an overview of ad impacts and other platforms are also making changes for ads to be sourced according to the preference of users.

But the thing is no one knows what these impacts ad changes are going to be and no one will until these applications reveal it themselves.

However, we think that this App Tracking Transparency feature introduced by Apple is a great step as users will have a control over their own data and while a lot of people are not comfortable with their data’s being moved here and the it will be an assurance to them that their privacy is maintained.

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