YouTubers can now change their channel name without impacting their Google account

The mega video sharing hub, YouTube has decided to make things easier for its users. Now YouTubers can easily change their channel name without doing any sort of changes in their linked Google account.

Previously, changing the channel name was not easy because the user was required to change their name and their profile picture of their respective Google account and only then they would be able to change the channel name. The drawback of this method was that by changing the name of the Google account, the whole identity of that YouTuber would go under change.

But now, things are not as much as complicated as they used to be, soon users and brands can simply just visit the backend management area of the YouTube’s Creator Studio and can easily bring the desired changes to their channel name without bringing any alteration to their Google account or Gmail. After being criticized by the users for this frustrating process, it is good to see that YouTube finally brought this under notice and very actively converted the lengthy frustrating procedure in to a much more feasible option, which is very appreciable.

Not only this, but the user can also change their profile picture as well which can also be seen as now the YouTubers will have an advantage to be able to update their channel branding very easily. However, if someone is using a verified YouTube channel and decides to bring in such changes to their account for example changing the channel name, it will result in the elimination of the user verification and the account owner will be required to undergo the verification procedure once again in order to get their channel a checkmark badge. As a result of this new update, both personal as well as the brand account will be allowed to take advantage of the new channel name changing feature which according to YouTube itself was a top request from the creators and starting from today, this feature will be available for everyone.

Based on how independent YouTube feels as compared to the other Google owned platforms including Search, Google mail also known as Gmail and docs, YouTube took a great step to ease the Channel name alteration procedure. For mobile phone users, they can just tap their channel and go to the edit name section , after changing it just tap the save button and changes will be made. Similarly the same procedure will be followed while changing the profile picture of the channel. If a desktop user wants to edit their name , they can change it by visiting the Creator Studio from here tap the customization button and then basic info, from where they can bring all the required adjustments. This option will soon be available on every device.

Image Credits: Olly Curtis/Future / Getty Images

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