YouTube Makes Changes to Improve Creator Experience

It’s safe to say that content creators are the backbone of what makes YouTube such a popular and successful video streaming platform, but it is important to note that creators often feel like they are not given the right kind of attention based on how much they contribute to the platform itself. YouTube is shuffling some things around and making some changes that are hopefully make things a bit easier for content creators on the platform in general.

One of the changes that’s coming is that creators will now be able to upload channel banners through their smartphones once again. This feature was pretty useful but it was taken away for a while, and most creators will be quite glad that they are getting the chance to use it once again since it can make things a lot more convenient.

Additionally, the About tab is getting a new design which might make it easier for various users to parse the information they need from the about section and get a better idea of what a particular creator might offer them all in all.

Another rather experimental feature that YouTube is going to work on involves a specific section on the Android app that is meant for channels. This can raise visibility for various creators and make it so that users can look through this tab to find channels that pertain to their interests. YouTube needs to consistently keep its features at the highest possible level of quality, especially due to the competition now being seen from the likes of TikTok and Facebook Watch along with IGTV all of which are becoming enticing alternative platforms that various users are already starting to make use of to reach a wider audience and find new avenues that they can earn revenue from.

H/T: CI.

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