Facebook is testing out ads on Instagram Reels in only a few countries that includes India, Germany, Brazil and Australia

Instagram launched its most popular feature that is ‘Reels’ on August 5th of 2020 in over 50 countries. The countries included India, France, Japan, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The feature is basically mimicry of the app TikTok where people make short format videos. The release came after the feature was tested in Brazil by Facebook for about nine months. Now Facebook is all set to start testing a new addition to this already popular feature, which is that the social media giant will now be testing ads on Instagram Reels in only a few selected countries which include India, Brazil, Germany and Australia.

Facebook is trying all means through which it can include ads in its platform. The social media giant along with this has also announced that they will be adding new topic target options on Facebook In-Stream videos and include different ad experiences on the platform to help attract audience and get brands different opportunities to interact with these larger audiences. Facebook last month even announced the introduction of sticker ads for its Facebook Stories. The sticker ads will be just like normal stickers that will make the stories more interactive and of course attractive but with this new and unique feature, users can actually buy the product by clicking on that sticker. The creators will get a cut from the money Facebook will generate through that.

The users of Instagram at the moment view different ads on their feed or while viewing stories. The ads on Reels will be up to 30 seconds long and will be shown on the same format as we see on stories vertically taking the full screen, but what makes these ads different on Instagram Reels is that unlike other platforms, users can like, comment, view, share, share and skip the ads on Reels. Facebook testing out this ads feature on its Instagram Reels comes off as no surprise because as mentioned before the social media giant is trying its level best to incorporate ads into its platforms to help generate audiences that can be useful for both the brands and the company as well. What came as a surprise to many was that Facebook didn’t bring the online shopping feature through Instagram Reels but instead introduced ads first, but the reason why this happened was that they didn’t want to disinterest people and wanted to attract them by first creating content that can actually help the platform.

If the testing will be successful then the plan is to introduce this feature in more countries as well.

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